Themed neckties

Themed ties are the most recognizable CROATA ties made of the finest silk, handmade, designed and manufactured in a specialized plant in Croatia. They attract special attention with their original designs "with a story" that include universal motifs and motifs from Croatian and world heritage, the most popular of which are squares, plait and Glagolitic, protected endemic species and many others. Ties are produced in extremely small series of a maximum of 30 pieces, so that each of the cows has its own uniqueness and personality and thus stands out from the mass production characteristic of even the most luxurious brands.

In this overview you can choose from the following lines with thematic designs:


Ties with two faces - ties of an interesting concept, their characteristic is that they are sewn in a way that they are sewn from two types of material for two faces ties
Teflon ties - ties are characterized by a special finish of silk fabric that protects against water and grease stains, retains its properties even after dry cleaning
Brijuni ties - this line stands out with its rich silk cloak and rich interweaving of threads which makes the tie design especially interesting, they are also distinguished by the red thread on the back of the tie with which each tie is hand-finished
Standard Croata line - Croata line 8 cm wide, each comes in a limited series, the widest selection of "stories", designs and colors of all Croata lines

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