Cravat Phenomenon

Cravat Phenomenon

It all began with a woman and a scarf. The fascinating history of the most famous fashion ornament is born.

They've evolved today in many variations of names and shapes: neckties, scarves, bow ties, shawls, day cravats, plastrons, bandana... Whenever there is a knot ornament, you'll find the spirit of a first original cravat and scarf. They "tied the knot" in the eternal dance of love, so it's no suprise they are still around today and they will be with us forever. No person is complete without it's ornamental charm. When she is not present, we see her echo in shirts, collared t-shirts, and suits. We are reminded that they are designed because of her, she must complete the outfit.

Cravat Phenomenon

Indeed, her silent revolution is relatively new and has progressed through the centuries, much like the role of a woman in the world. With their mysterious influence men become better and more complete. It's no wonder woman intuitively support her, because she always knew the role of small and seemingly unimportant things in life. This lesson is so important and distinguishes a true gentleman from a immature egocentric. True gentlemen come in many forms and characters, but one thing is certain - there is a woman touch there.

We trully all need these modern knights, we need their sense of freedom and responsibility, we need their code. Societies without this important woman's touch easily fall in some form of tyranny, one way or another. Of course, this comes with no suprise that a modern necktie is a symbol of democracy. It's official introduction even marks dates when many nations radically transformed to prosperity. Real value is always behind authentic prosperity and it keeps you going, even if the challenge is big. Nevertheless, we know that being a gentleman is not easy, nothing worthy is.

Furthermore, this phenomenon is really a special one. It doesn't symbolize only important values of truth and/or virtue, but tells us something more- something we often forget in our over functioning modern world. Something we understand is true art, music or poetry. In a way, it transcends our every day existence and gives us inspiration and meaning. It's really a forgotten human need, and we rediscover her truth every day. It tells us that useless things are sometimes even more important than useful things. It tells us there is something unique about us. We don't have a better word for her than beauty. She is so important that we want to tie her to our existence.

Sometimes with a knot.

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