Silk Story & Future

Silk Story & Future

Discover the world of rich Croatian legacy in silk making and manufacturing.

According to the oldest written records, silk production in Croatia goes back to the middle ages. In 18th century it becomes significant and even elitist economical and cultural activity. At the time Croatian regions where 3rd producer of silk in Europe and exported their products all around the World.

stara svilana

20th century marks turning point in European production of raw silk, where main European producers lost a competitive battle with rest of the world due to high labour cost and market changes. Up to recently, whole European production of raw silk has practically died out.

Croata from its beginning as a brand always wanted revival of this particular industry, and around year 2000 began to invest in own production of raw silk. Goal is to control the quality in all steps of production process and to bring back cultural tradition of silk production in Croatia. With our partners INRA, Poznan Institute, Faculty of Textile Tehnology Zagreb we strive to bring best quality of silk for our customers.

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