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Academia Cravatica

Institution dedicated to the phenomena and culture of the Cravat powered by CROATA


he non-profit institution Academia Cravatica marks a long history of Croata's corporate effort to support culture, art, heritage and science. It was founded in 1997 and it studies, preserves and improves the cravat as a part of Croatian and world heritage. It is considered to be central research establishment for this cultural and fashion phenomenon in the world.

During the years AC succesfully carried out multiple projects, starting from books, documentary films, international exibitions, theater plays, historical and etnological researchs to art installations, enviromental art projects, and to even historical guard revivals. 

AC goals are to promote the fact that Cravat and its equivalents are symbol of universal human values that are foundation of modern civilisation. 

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The tie in the rye

Cultivating land is the foundation of human civilization in general and The tie in the rye is a true acknowledgement of value; with concern for the environment it could be described as ecologically aware, a nature-friendly project. Through the material of which it was made it glorified the grain, by its form, it glorified, of course, the tie.


The biggest tie in the world and the Pula Arena

In the Pula Arena, the biggest tie in the world arrived on the 18th October 2003. It was 808 meters long and 25 meters wide, and built from 9015 square meters of red fabric, and symbolized the tie as a part of Croatian and World heritage.

For the creation of this piece of art, there were 120 km of thread, 450 kg of fabric and more than 300 hours of sewing used. The most challenging part was to tie a knot, which was tied at 21 meters of height, and was 9 meters deep.

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