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Winter is marked by this fashion detail

With every fashion season comes a new fashion accessory - a bag that you must have, the boots that everyone will wear. However, only one thing remains constant - silk scarf.​


rom the narrow ones in the 70s seen earlier in the Chloé collection (and  in Croata too), to the sweet Gucci chiffon ones, there is a great variety of styles, different weaving and lots of binding - but one thing is certain - it must be 100% silk.

In the past years a small scarf, called bandana, tied around the neck in a small knot, was very popular. It seems that this item will be trendy for a long time. Bandanas look great on a striped, navy shirts, basic shirts and shirts tied under the collars.

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f you don’t have a small scarf – you can also use a slightly larger one that can be wrapped twice around your neck.

To get your new favorite fashion item you don’t have to go far away. We are a perfectionist in masterly crafted scarves, and here you can find all possible designs, colors and sizes. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention on our red bandanas that you'll wear with brown - olive outfits for an impeccable winter street style.

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CROATA scarves

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