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Personalized Shirts in All CROATA Salons

Luxury shirts with a touch of personality

CROATA, the leading Croatian luxury brand, has been offering top-quality personalized shirts tailored to customers' preferences for several years. Customers can choose from different fabrics, colors, details, cuts, and styles and add personalized details, creating a unique piece of clothing. Croatian production, a long tradition of tailoring, and its own design studio ensure unique flexibility and speed, as well as qualitative dominance in the market. Discover how CROATA managed to change the rules of the luxury shirt market by focusing on individuality and customer desires.

How do CROATA shirts differ from others on the market?

One of the key factors that makes CROATA shirts so special is the quality of the material. Each shirt is produced in Croatia in its own production facilities, which ensures consistent high quality and a personalized approach to customers worldwide. Additionally, CROATA shirts use the finest cotton in their production, ensuring softness, comfort, and durability that manifest in the quality of the shirt even after many washes, contributing to the brand's authenticity.

The second key factor is the special attention to detail that characterizes only a small number of global brands, reflected in precise stitching and carefully crafted collars and cuffs.


Personalization for those who appreciate uniqueness

The luxury line of personalized shirts is a unique philosophy aimed at creating individual shirts in accordance with the customer's body measurements and desires.

The key characteristic of personalized shirts for customers is the ability to choose their own initials, which are then embroidered on the shirt - this detail is the hallmark of luxury and individuality that sets CROATA's shirts apart from any other brand.

To ensure the perfect size and fit of the shirt, the customer can meet with CROATA's expert team at the salon in Oktogon, where they will receive precise advice on the selection of materials, design, and measurements for the shirt.

If the customer is willing to invest in an additional level of privacy and luxury, CROATA also offers the option of measuring and fitting the shirt in the customer's own space. This special addition to CROATA's service further emphasizes the brand's luxury status and authenticity.

  • Delivery time - 1/2 weeks
  • Materials - over 100 highest quality (2-ply) fabrics
  • Details - 6 types of collars, 6 types of cuffs, 3 types of fastenings
  • Initials - the customer chooses the font and location
  • Measuring - done in a private salon in Oktogon, or at the customer's request in their own space

Personalization for those who need minor adjustments

In addition to the personalized line of shirts, CROATA also offers the option of personalization through the "Shirt Tailoring" which allows for minor adjustments to ensure the shirt fits perfectly to your figure or style. The adjustments include lengthening sleeves, changing the length of the shirt, and modifying the collar. You can have measurements taken for a shirt tailored to your minor adjustments at all CROATA locations.

CROATA is proud of its heritage of quality and tradition, and the "Shirt Tailoring" service is an example of its commitment to meeting its customers' needs.

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