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Just for you. 


Croata Unum is a luxury line of personalized shirts. They have a superb sewing performance with a tiny stitch. With the mother-of-pearl buttons, these shirts get a special glow. Particular attention is paid to the selection of fabrics intended only for this line of shirts.

Each part of the shirt is fully personalized and tailored to the individual wishes of the customers. Several types of collars and bracelets can be selected.

The shirt is tailored to fit the customer's wishes.

  • Delivery time - 2/3 weeks
  • Materials - over 100 highest quality materials (2ply)
  • Details- 6 types of collars, 6 types of bracelets, 3 types of buckles
  • Initials- the buyer chooses the font and location
  • Measurement -  carried out in a private salon in Oktogon, or at the request of the customer in his premises.

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