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New Trend in Evening Outings Brings Subtlety, Privacy and Pure Enjoyment

A successful modern young woman, who knows what she wants and how to enjoy life, will make sure to choose a location for an informal business meeting that stands out, is trendy and will open the doors to the person she's meeting to a completely new and up till now unseen world. 


hile many still don’t stray away from popular cocktail bars, our star knows that she needs to offer something different and more sophisticated to her business partners. That is precisely why she chooses the newest place in town, for the moment open only to the elite few, the VIP guests – a wine bar that will, it appears, set the trend for a new kind of evening outings in the approaching year.


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Preparing for a meeting, in the positive outcome of which she is certain, at a carefully selected location, she didn’t have to spend too much time thinking about what to wear. Black trousers and a light-coloured shirt were her safe choice, with lacquered beige stilettos. She brings vivacity to the outfit with a stylish bob cut, the perfect red lipstick and a small red Croata handbag with a thin chain.

While she arrives with utmost self-confidence to the, as yet secret to many, address of the wine bar, surrounded by the scent of her favourite Chanel perfume, she already at the entrance understands she chose the right place to meet. A sweet but light aroma of wine washes over her at the door, as she enters a discreetly lit and airy space with a high ceiling. Nothing like the wine cellars the lovers of this drink, popular since Antiquity, are used to. She automatically presses her red Croata handbag closer to her body once she hears the sound of jazz in the background. “Miles David and wine, a winning combination!” she thinks, and then lightly steps after the hostess to the reserved table.



he minimalist design doesn’t leave the space feeling cold, due to details which an attentive eye cannot miss, like the dark green and brown leather, the herringbone black marble floor, and the dark oak floor. Guests come here to enjoy drinks and company but also the privacy guaranteed by the spaciousness of the wine bar. Wine has returned in a big way, and lovers of new wine bars can now enjoy dozens of varieties, ordered by the glass. Among the most popular new bars stand out those who rotate wine by themes, announced in advance; therefore, if you have a preference, try to book a table when your favourite sparkling wine, port wine or burgundy will be served.

Our lady orders a Riesling from Saarland in Germany, and after the first sip feels a pleasant warmth spreading through her body – a certain sign that she made the right choice. As the meeting comes to an end, the wine bar has slowly filled up, but a pleasant atmosphere reigns, without too much bustle, noise and smoke. When ordering the next glass of Riesling, which is seriously close to becoming her new favourite drink, the satisfied guest of the wine bar clutches her Croata handbag, realising only in that moment that, due to the lack of a crowd, she didn’t have to keep an eye on it as usual. Even though it was a business meeting, this was a perfect evening; in a pleasant company, with a great drink and a much needed relaxing atmosphere as the cherry on the top.

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