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Nicholas B. Daddazio – necktie art

Both of his parents were Italian, and he was raised and schooled in Rochester and Buffalo, New York, until he left to pursue a career in the theatre in New York City where he performed in the theatre and studied sculpture with legendary Domenico Facci, working in the Facci Studios for nearly a decade.​


e opened his own sculpture studio in 1992 at Pietrasanta Fine Arts in Soho, where he continued making figurative sculpture and commenced an intensive study of the necktie as symbol and tribal icon. His study of the necktie resulted in the production of a large collection of bronze necktie sculptures: Reclining Tie; Tie Saxophonist; Tie Ballerina; Tie Geisha; Representational Stripe, Buff, Textured; Tie Trumpet; and many others.

In 1994, The Neckwear Association of America commissioned Daddazio to design the trade organizations new awards trophy, a commission that ran for nearly ten years until the NAA closed its doors. More commissions followed, along with many one-man shows and exhibits and the establishment of the Necktie Sculpture and Art Gallery in 1996 on Cornelia Street in Greenwich Village.


The Cravat sculptures

by Nicholas B. Daddazio

exhibited at Ana Tzarev Gallery, New York.


Rochester, New York, USA




n November 2005, Daddazio started making giant necktie sculptures ranging in length from four feet to nine feet in a variety of mixed media: awning canvas, cotton drop cloth, black plastic garbage bags, denim, bubble wrap, orange plastic fencing, orange and blue netting, blue poly tarp, and exquisite furniture fabrics. The artistic expression covers a range from Pop Art to Minimalism to Abstract Expressionism to Realism, and the Nude. The giant neckties can be displayed on walls, in corners, on doors, along a staircase, hung from the ceiling, or flung over a bed, piano, or couch.


Studio Daddazio, Greenwich Village, New York



Daddazios sculptures are in the private collections of Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, The Versace Estate, Jhane Barnes, Kenneth Cole, the President of Brooks Bros., The Forbes Brothers Private Collection, and many others.



Necktie in Croatian checherboard




Nick Daddazio

Daddazio's necktie sculptures can be seen on the following web sites:





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