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Necktie – Croata, 950 neckties for 950 Years of Šibenik

The Mimara Museum hosted an exhibition titled Necktie – Croata: 950 Ties for 950 Years of Šibenik displaying 950 neckties of famous figures from public, cultural, political life, as well as ties of the citizens of Šibenik and other towns Šibenik is twinned with, but also from abroad. The neckties were arriving from Australia, Canada, USA, and Italy, but the greatest contribution was made by singers, actors, directors, sculptors, artists, musicians, journalists, athletes, announcers, politicians and cultural workers of all professions.​


pecial attention was drawn by the ties which belong to Dražen Petrović, writer Jure Kaštelan, Rade Šerbedžija, Miro Gavran, Dražen Ferenčin, late actor and playwright Branko Matić Šibenčanin, writer Mladen Bjažić, Duško Šibl, but also performing artists.

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The visitors could also see the neckties belonging to Sandi Cenov, Maja Šuput, Dino Rađa, Tarik Filipović, Matija Vuica, Đani Stipaničev, Mladen Grdović, Tedi Spalato, Neno Belan, Petar Grašo, Tonči Huljić, Ante Vrban, Oliver Dragojević, Vinko Brešan, Dino Dvornik and many others as well as Nina Badrić’s bow tie.

This project has spread the word of Šibenik as the oldest native Croatian town, and 1066 as the year of its first mention.

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