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Emmy Award winner Ashley Colburn in Zagreb's silken embrace

‘Every time I tie Croata scarf around my neck it seems to me as I am tying myself to the country I fell in love with. And it's also trendy!’, says a smiling producer and TV journalist.


roducer and TV journalist Ashley Colburn from San Diego, USA, is in love with Croatia and its people, and has long been a regular guest in our country. Her first visit to Croatia was in 2009 for the purpose of shooting ‘WOW Croatia’, a series for which she won the prestigious Emmy Award in 2010, and after that she began to feel at home here.

She also filmed a travel series ‘Take Off With Ashley Colburn’ that premiered on WealthTV and took her to over 25 countries on six continents over two seasons. The following year ‘Wonders of Croatia’ brought her the Golden Pen Award, which the Croatian National Tourist Board awards to foreign journalists for the promotion of Croatian tourism.

She also participated in the Touristar TV’s project ‘Discover Croatia - Legends of Croatia’, which took her along the Croatian coast. 


Ashley Colburn is a California native who calls San Diego home when she is not jet setting around the world. Her desire to travel started at an early age and began in earnest when she studied for a semester in Spain. She began her career as a host, producer, and writer for Wealth TV in 2009.

This project is not Ashley’s sole activity this summer. In her dense schedule she managed to find some time to shoot our campaign to promote the scarves that she herself enjoys wearing.

– ‘I didn't hesitate for a moment, I immediately said yes. They remind me of Croatia – its sea, rivers, tradition, mountains and people. Somehow, every time I tie Croata scarf around my neck it seems to me as I am tying myself to the country I fell in love with. And it's also trendy!’, says Ashley with a smile.


Ashley is a young, capable, educated, self-conscious woman who lives her life with full lungs. She knows what she wants and often gets it. Therefore, it is no wonder she is the one representing Croata silk scarves and shawls.

Today this unusual collaboration reminds us that a scarf, when tied in a knot, is actually the forerunner of the first tie, and its colours and tenderness of silk material are best embodied by this glamorous American producer and host.

Ashley is not like other women. Her home is the planet Earth, her friends are scattered all over the world and she can hold her own anywhere. Her schedule does not allow her to stay anywhere longer than a week, thus it is difficult to form ties, except when it comes to tying Croata scarfs - then it is quite possible in countless ways.

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