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Isabella & CROATA scarf-tie

Amazing detail

 Blogger Isabella (Pile of Style) reveals her secrets of the perfect style: CROATA silk scarfs perfectly complement, upgrade and round up any outfit.


sabella private:

All my life I love…music! There is no moment in my life I did not assign a certain soundtrack.

Digital fashion life is ... my favorite hobby ever. And I had all kinds of...

An inspiration for photography I find in ... movies! I really love movies, observing shots, costumes, scenery...

Elegance is ... a state of mind. Some sort of fashion maturity.


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sabella detailed

I feel elegant in outfits that contain less than two colors + monochromatic. In good cuts and materials. In something I just feel great wearing.

Luxury is in details. In good looking. In possibility I can watch a movie and eat pizza at the same time. In the fact I can use every minute of my life and not regret later.

In my suitcase, there is always a camera, GoPro, several lenses, a MacBook and outfits combined at the last moment.

My favorite place is the terrace of the Palace de Tokyo in Paris, with my dearest.

My favorite gift is the silk scarf that my friend gave me.

Films: All of Woody Allen, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, and Dusan Kovacevic.

If I could decorate the interior of just one room I would fill it with the flowers from all sides. I would even have them hanging from the ceiling and I would put one sofa in the middle.

My favorite book is Carlos Castaneda: Power of Silence

I have fear of height.

Online friendships are very cool. Some of them last for years now.

I will always help my friends and loved ones. I like to play a psychiatrist and help them solve their problems.

My favorite applications are WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Gmail, YT, and Deezer.

My last three shopping destinations are the shopping center of Ušće in Belgrade, Asos and Nasty Gal.

5 addresses I adore are Saša Šekoranja Gallery in Dežman's passage, Swanky Mint, newly-opened Hemingway Bistro, HNK, Lauba. All 5 are in Zagreb, my favorite city.

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CROATA through my eyes: Elegant and charming, connects pieces into a masterpiece. It turns boring and average outfit into something impressive and luxurious.

- Isabella

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CROATA Necktie shawl

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CROATA Brijuni - our XXL scarf

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