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Isabella: 9 things I always carry with me

What to pack for winter travels?


acking can be a real challenge at this time of the year. Regardless of whether you are going on an Advent, a touristic trip to any country or on a ski trip, you need to be warm enough, as it is not desirable to be in the same outfits, and somehow you need to put all that heavy winter clothes into a little suitcase.

To help you with this pleasant disorder, we talked with a blogger Isabella Rakonic, and compiled a small editorial that includes fashion details - like silk scarves (it is generally known that silk keeps you warm better than massive winter scarves, and it is much more elegant on all occasions) Silk makes your packing fun and easy.

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Isabella, why do you love to travel?

For me, traveling is escape from everyday life and they are a rest for my soul. I really like history, architecture, and art, so I travel a lot and explore different places and cultures. Travels are definitely something I am willing to invest in, as it is the way I expand my knowledge and horizons. And as we all know, the best memories come from the traveling adventures.

Which destination did you choose this year and what attracts you the most? What kind of wardrobe will you bring to this destination?

Next trip I am planning is during the New Year, but I have to admit I wasn’t creative enough. I am going to Belgrade (as the last year) because it is known as a party city – just the way I like it.

I am also happy I will be spending time with my boyfriend and lots of friends. I will wear warm clothes – mostly sweaters, shirts and jackets.  Monocomatic combinations I will make more interesting with my favorite scarves that will still keep the elegance of my outfits. I am also bringing my New Year’s Eve dress, which I still don’t have…so I still have to choose one…but also a few extra outfits for clubbing.

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Nine things you MUST have while travelling:

Hmm, nine things, it’s hard to name just nine, but let’s see:

  1. A passport (because stamp is important)
  2. A camera
  3. An iPad + music + headphones
  4. Clothes (depending on the weather forecast) ... a lot of clothes
  5. At least one high heels, I can’t go without them
  6. A scarf, as least one, silk is amazing, because during winter time it feels warm and it cools in the summer
  7. A hat
  8. Cosmetics
  9. Trip itinerary which I have put together the night before 

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What is your favorite Christmas song? 

I don’t have favorite Christmas song, but…I do have favorite Christmas movie – Love Actually.

Name one city you've liked the most during the winter time?

It is really hard to name one favorite city I visited in winter, because all European cities are most beautiful during cold months, followed by festive decorations and markets. But, I will name one city, Amsterdam, where I had an amazing time and celebrated 2013th.

What is the most beautiful memory that happened in Christmas time?

The first thing that comes to my mind is Christmas during my elementary school. I was in fifth grade. It was snowing a lot, and my best friend and I went sledding on the nearby hill. I was always a big fan of winter sports...

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Suggestion for Christmas gifts that can fit your suitcase?

This is exactly what I need because I always carry gifts with myself. My ideas are mostly classical, but worthy of a beautiful memory. You can’t go wrong with a good book and dedication, a perfume, a nice piece of jewelry or an elegant Croata tie or silk scarf. If you are not skilled enough with the gift wrapping, you don’t have to worry, because most of the gifts already come in a nice packaging.

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