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The Time to Enjoy Is Now, For Memories Are Created At This Very Moment

As the magical illumination of colourful Christmas lights and the scent of cloves spread through the town streets, and our homes are permeated with the aromas of vanilla and cinnamon, we are more and more surrounded by smiling faces. Warmth, as if embracing all of us, makes this season the most beautiful time of the year.​


legant banquets, which resonate with the clinking of glasses, give us the opportunity to show ourselves in the best light and wear our most prized clothes, kept for just such an occasion. The scent of perfume seems to linger longer, and if there ever was the time for the perfect red lipstick – it is now.

Despite our busy schedules, packed with events, we feel braver, more relaxed and happy. Because once all the mandatory and optional events pass, moments of spending time with our dearest ones arrive, as this time of love is the only time of the year which causes those famous butterflies in your stomach, even when we are not fresh in love.


t is the time of hope without any need for speed but just for enjoying ourselves, and, however cold it is outside, most of the warmth comes from the inside of us. We wish to share our love and show it to those who have deserved it, and choose carefully what those closest to our heart will find under the Christmas tree. The choice falls on an item that will make them stand out in a crowd, because they are already standing out in our lives.


For her

A good selection of fashion accessories has always been essential and is truly what makes an outfit, however classic or modern. For her, we will choose a silk Croata scarf in her favourite colours which will bring breeziness into her outfit and elevate her style, while keeping her warm during these cold days.


For him

For him, the most precious gift will be a Croata necktie which will show him how the woman, who has carefully chosen it, sees him. A woman chooses a tie for a man to show how much she knows him and where she sees him in the future, while the Croata tie will prove to him how much she esteems him… perhaps better than any words.

With such a personal gift, both he and she will be able to shine even during the longest night, soon to come.

And make many new and beautiful memories which are being created – at this very moment.

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