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For Him – Only the Best and the Most Valuable

We all know that the best gifts are not necessarily the most expensive ones. But, let’s be honest, there is something special in giving carefully chosen and valuable gifts to our dearest ones. By giving an exclusive gift, we can show, in a way, how much the person the gift is intended for is important in our life. Because, let’s not kid ourselves, quality costs money, and when you wish to give something to make the other person remember you for a long time, you will select a valuable gift.


hether it is the Le Chocolat Box – the most expensive chocolate box in the world (priced at 1.5 million dollars), iPhone Black Diamond (15 million dollars), Aurora Diamante Fountain pen (14.7 million dollars), platinum and gold chessboard Jewel Royale (worth 9,8 million dollars) or the most expensive bracelet in the world – a diamond panther which started the romance between King Edward VII and Wallis Simpson (worth today 12.4 million dollars), expensive gifts are remembered for a long time. And increase in value with time.



hile a necktie is considered a classic gift, it is also an essential part of modern men’s fashion. A man, who wants to look and be taken seriously, and pays extra attention to how he looks and what he wants from life, needs a “signature” necktie. A perfect tie for him will not be an ordinary, ready-made necktie but a tie which sets him apart and tells a story. A necktie made just for him, soft under his fingers, of a smooth texture and elegance worth a real man. Such a necktie would also be a perfect gift.



We have designed a unique “Croata 1” necktie. Since only a single “Croata 1” tie was made, it is the pinnacle of Croata’s handicraft. The letter “A” is woven into its design – the first letter and the alpha, and the necktie itself is finished with a special gold thread – a symbol due to which this is the only tie in the world that costs 15,000 Kuna.



Croata’s auHRum necktie is as exclusive, with a silk core covered in 24 carat gold threads. The auHRum necktie will, on account of a special immunisation process, keep its shine regardless of how it is maintained, and stands out not only with its look but its price of 3,500 Kuna. However, as we have determined already: quality has its own price. And our dearest ones deserve just that – the best. 

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