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Five facts you didn't know about - a shirt 


umbers are important. Not only on balance sheets, calculations of share values, budgets... They are important while choosing a smartphone with the best camera and performance, while calculating an acceptable price of a vintage vine from a specific year, or while looking at the strength of the motor of a car  ou are longing for. It is important to know how many votes a party for which you are rooting got in the elections, who will place the highest bid at an auction, as well as how many carats there are in an engagement ring. Even if you are no expert in numbers, you should know how to assess income and loss, as well as the price-to-quality ratio.

Certainly you know which shoe size you are and which suit size fits you, but what about shirts? Yes, numbers are also important while buying a shirt, especially if you want to get a perfect white shirt which, when talking about smart investments, is an essential fashion investment. The value of a plain white shirt cannot be denied: it is never out of fashion – it is a garment worn in business and in leisure. If we would have to name one thing every person has in their closet, it would be a plain white shirt. Therefore it is not strange that they are the best-selling garment of men’s fashion. 



But are white shirts really that plain?
Men usually focus on how a shirt fits them, whether they feel good in it, whether it is made out of quality material, and its price. They do not study all its details like they do when they are buying a gadget. Nevertheless, for those who would like to know more, we found out what is necessary to make a high-quality shirt. 

At a time in which the market is over-flooded with imported products of mass production, CROATA has decided to expand its collections of shirts and offer a luxurious product which meets demanding requests of its customers in terms of aesthetics and functionality. There are three fashion lines – Croata Brijuni, Croata Dubrovnik and the standard Croata collection. A lot of effort and knowledge has been invested into every one of them to achieve an ideal fit for those who are believe in the power of a perfect white shirt, which is definitely not plain.


• The classic CROATA shirt is comprised of 23 basic sewing pieces.
• It takes 70 operations of cutting and finishing to make one shirt.
• The visible seams are 1600 cm in length
• It takes around 8000 needle pricks to make an average shirt, and around 12,000 to make a shirt of a higher price range.
• Additional quality is added by the stitch line placed only 3 mm from the edge (usual it is 7 mm).

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