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Croata’s mini-campaign shot in Manila  

Mini campaign of the Croata brand is a part of the “Croata Around the World” story. The next stop after Paris is – the Philippines...


hen we learned that the Filipino national hero Jose Rizal – an artist, writer and scientist – spoke 24 languages, a thought came to our mind that Manila was the right place to continue the Croata brand’s mini campaign, which represents a part of the “Croata Around the World” story. Thus, the next stop after Paris was the capital of the Philippines – the City of Manila. Why are we putting so much emphasis on polyglots among a myriad of other important individuals? Because Croata also speaks many languages. Some of them are spoken in a completely low, soft and delicate voice, while others radiate colour and joy. Croata is only just getting to know other languages, but is approaching them boldly, realizing it is only a matter of time Croata will be noted.

And that is just what happened: it only took a scarf and a cravat⁠ – the staple accessory of every traveller and the symbol of elegance and good style⁠ – which make every fashion choice even nicer.

This mini campaign was shot at two famous locations in Manila. One of them was Intramuros, the historical and fablelike old-town area of the capital.  It’s central part is occupied by Fort Santiago, a strong fortress that oozes a special kind of energy and hides all the secrets of ancient times. It also stands for the beauty represented by the Spanish colonial architecture and the joy of life, which shines like a silk scarf laid over soft shoulders of a young girl or wrapped around a hat providing protection from the sun and gloomy thoughts. The area is also home to the Museum of Jose Rizal, a Filipino national hero, artist, writer, scientist and polyglot.

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The other series of photos was taken in the prestige neighbourhood of Bonifacio, where theme zones, situated within eight buildings on two avenues, celebrate the contemporary and business aspects of a good life. Bonifacio High Street is a place where business look is in order: this includes a white shirt and a fine cravat, worn by both men and women. This does not come as a surprise considering that this neighbourhood is the newest, modern part of Manila where the well-dressed and renowned members of Filipino society reside.

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The main face of the campaign is Anna Lao, a French woman of Cambodian descent living and working in Manila, and it was only by a lucky coincidence that she crossed paths with Goreta Bošković, marketing coordinator of the CROATA brand. We were amazed by her simple summer style marked by casual elegance.

Considering that the fashion industry and different dressing styles are a passion shared by both girls, it did not take long for Anna to fall in love with the Croata brand. And this is how the series of photos of Anna, silk scarves and a cravat came to be.

“Fashion⁠ – but primarily luxurious fashion accessories, such as those designed by Croata⁠ – has fascinated people around the world for a long time. It was only when a girl with such a different lifestyle and of such a different descent fell in love with our brand that we saw what makes our designs attractive and our brand, which looks good in various contexts, truly strong,” Goreta said.


“The atmosphere, and the brand I was able to familiarize myself with, the fun process of tying scarves... all of this will be etched forever in my mind, as well as the summer when I discovered a part of the Croatian fashion scene and cultural heritage in a combination with Filipino historical monuments and unique landscapes. #croatiandesign is a new hashtag that I will follow with excitement,” said Anna, who perfectly embodied a lovely lady and a businesswoman, while at the same time tying together the Philippines, France, Cambodia and Croatia with the help of a scarf and a cravat.


And Croata’s journey around the world continues...

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