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a new-to-the-world innovation from Croata


Museums, centers of Muses, have long since been considered the most interesting places in towns.

Museums are places where we feel peace but also excitement and inspiration. They are also places where we become better people.

There are many museums, but it is the exhibits on display and the underlying concepts that play a major role in attracting the visitors.

In the city of Split, whose entire city center is a big monument, is not easy to create a new cultural and tourist attraction. In cooperation with Academia Cravatica, we did just that - we have designed the most innovative concept, a new-to-the-world innovation: 

CROATA Museum Concept Store.



n CROATA shop you can find out, in addition to selecting products of top quality, a few interesting things. 

This unusual and interesting permanent museum exhibition leads us through the history and development of a tie (that evolved from a scarf that women gave to young men as a sign of loyalty and love before they went to war), through the famous historical figures until modern fashion expressions and style.

Croata thus takes the best of history and combines it with the present  through incredible descriptions and facts in combination with vivid paintings and sculptures.

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In the summer of 2008, the Croata salon in Split's Peristyle was the first in the world to be set up as a museum concept store. The same year, Split's Croata salon was awarded at the First European Corporate Museum Forum held in Milan competing against brands such as Ferrari, Ducati, Siemens, Guinness and Sony. At the Forum, Croata's example was highlighted as the most innovative one and as a guideline to be followed in the future development of the global retail segment. Croata is the only major brand that tells the story about the town from the very heart of it.

At Croata, both locals and tourists will experience a unique combination of culture and shopping.




Visit CROATA Museum Concept Shop in the city of  Split

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