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An Eclectic Selection of Gifts for a Man Who Has Everything

Although the British have a saying that it’s the intention that matters when giving gifts, that is, that it’s nice of you to have even remembered the person for whom the gift is, let’s not fool ourselves, everyone will very much appreciate  even a hint of extravagance and elegance.

Men are no exception.


any say that it’s difficult to buy gifts for women, but every woman knows it is much more difficult to find a perfect gift for the “stronger” gender, whether it’s a partner, father, brother or a friend. It doesn’t matter whether you have known him for years or you have just began a relationship, to choose something for a man who seems to have everything, especially for such a big holiday as Christmas, is not easy at all. However, for a real man, exuding elegance and style, the perfect gift will primarily be a luxurious design piece, which we have - a lot.



The Croata necktie by itself doesn’t need any additional explanations. Therefore, if the man, who the gift is for, would like to stand out in a crowd but also prefers a modern and clean look, a tie is the perfect choice.



If we are talking about a man who finds the inspiration for a sophisticated look in James Bond, he will prefer a bow tie. Croata offers bow ties for all kinds of occasions and styles, from the classic – the essential part of the black tie dress code, to the artistic ones – which will symbolize refinement with a personal stylish choice.



When it comes to men who want to stand out from a crowd even more, and show their sense of fashion in a fun but appropriate way, select a piece that will greatly impact his look – such as a Croata shawl.



For those with a trained eye for detail, there are also Croata cufflinks, a perfect final touch. Luxurious cufflinks are timeless artworks and jewellery for every gentleman, since they are both functional and ornamental, and can become with time a precious family legacy. They thus become the perfect choice for all men who look forward to the future.

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