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Trend: Spring Fashion with Pastel Colours

In the modern environment of the Amadria Park Capital hotel, which abounds in pastel colours and provides a taste of tradition, a refined style play was held starring Paula and Marko, and their favourite fashion accessories.



he variety of colours and the elegance of Croata’s silk shawls, which are enchantingly attractive in its simplicity, flawlessly communicates with the actors of a romantic interaction between a man and a woman, an interaction sequestered from the hectic everyday life of Zagreb, and the gloominess of spring which still has not arrived.

On the other hand, a joy of expectation and an excitedness surrounding the interaction radiate and shine just like the colours and patterns of shawls, which were made with a lot of effort. The mixture of different tones, which call for the arrival of summer with their colours and patterns, fits perfectly even into a simple fashion choice, adding a note of mystery and elegance, while looking terrific with both floral patterns and bright colours. A visually stunning and eye-catching shawl may become a key factor in woman’s wardrobe and reflect a clear sense of aesthetics along its every inch.




Laid over the shoulders or woven into the hair, every CROATA product has its own secret story told by the various colours, patterns and motifs. Every single detail of the products has been hand-made with love precisely for women who cherish aesthetics. A visually stunning and eye-catching shawl may become a key factor in woman’s wardrobe by bringing attention to the face and serving as the key fashion accessory which makes a woman feel attractive and confident about her femininity.





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