The enchanting whiteness

The perfect shirt. Born in Croatia.


shirt, specifically a white shirt, is as simple as a canvas which enables a man to be as creative as he wants to be.

This timeless fashion classic is the garment of choice worn by businessmen, making sure they are appropriately dressed for the tasks ahead. A fresh, clean, perfectly cut shirt evokes a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. In addition, when it is made out of finest material, its uniqueness and lightness encourage self-esteem and leave an impression of decisiveness and strength – just what a modern man needs.

In the wardrobe of a successful man one can always find a shirt of great quality. And indeed, a white shirt and a light blue shirt constitute a baseline of menswear since they are wearable in any occasion and are a perfect match with any clothing combination. With these shirts you cannot go wrong – you only need to choose a perfect fitting cut and supreme quality.

At first glance, they may all appear identical, but they are not – each shirt is special in its own way. Different cuts, manner of manufacture and designer details – those are the elements to watch for when distinguishing between casual, elegant and strictly professional attire.

Shirts of the fashion brand CROATA, presented through a campaign created by Mladen Šarić, are nothing but unique pieces of clothing, which fulfill demanding requests of its customers in terms of aesthetics and functionality, and guarantee supreme product quality. A modern, well-groomed man in a shirt of a perfect fit is the central concept of this collection.


CROATA shirts for business and special occasions are a synonym for top-notch style. They are sewn from carefully selected first class fabrics. The final finish of the fabrics provides an additional sense of comfort and freshness while wearing the shirts, and an outstanding simplicity of their up keeping.

In this campaign, you may recognize this brand’s special service: unique custom made Croata Unum shirts you can design yourself. The luxurious line of custom-made shirts, made to measure, is endowed with supreme design using small sewing seams. The cut of the shirt is made according to body dimensions and wishes of the customers in order to fit them perfectly.


Specially selected fabrics and pearl buttons give these shirts a special glow. Therefore, the only thing to do is to visit a Croata store and find a perfect fit shirt for yourself. And when you choose such shirt, it will be a faithful companion on the road to your business success. Because high-quality and classic pieces of clothing are always in vogue.

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