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Men's shirt: Sculptor Hrvoje Dumančić 

A picture of a horse. It was the first drawing I have ever made, back when I was in kindergarten.


culptor Hrvoje Dumančić showed up as an inspiring personality in Croata campaign for men's shirts.

Over the last twenty years, Hrvoje has built up a huge diverse portfolio of work, winning awards and hosting solo and collective art expos in Paris and London as well as Austria, Croatia, Italy and America.



Even today horses are a source of strength and sensibility for me. I think they represent a good balance every person should have: to be able to feel empathy, but at the same time strength and toughness.
My life, love, family and heritage: they are all blended into the sculptures I create.



I find inspiration in everything around me. I  observe and, in no time, I am creating my own vision of the world which I transform into sculptures. 

I try to turn all that is bad and negative into something good.



Pure lines, monochromatic colours, impressive texture, harmony...  Purity and whiteness which are strongly reflected in the white shirt, the wordless harmony between the rider and his horse: they are all a form of artistic expression, a celebration of life...

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Sculptor Hrvoje Dumančić is wearing Croata shirt.


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