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CROATA brings a touch of aristocratic style to fashion combinations with its new edition of Madder silk ties.


Madder ties are visually interesting and a bit playful, but also suitably formal for a wide variety of fashion combinations. This combination of rich yet subtle colors and neat yet complex design will give the Madder silk tie an unmistakable touch of refined class. A tie proves the elegance of clothing and emphasizes success. Choose it carefully because it should be the basic equipment of every discerning gentleman's wardrobe, and the Croatian fashion brand Croata, as one of the few global manufacturers, will help you with that.

The future belongs to the tie for several reasons: it shows the personality of the wearer, it is an indispensable part of the wardrobe for business meetings, and it turns a boy into a man - capable, responsible and desirable.

Of course, in our salons you can also find bow ties and pocket handkerchiefs from the Madder silk edition.



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